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First International SpiderWeb Meeting

February 22-24, 2013
Oxford Brookes University, UK
Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


Over 30 spider researchers from all over the world convened at Oxford Brookes University for their first meeting in Spring 2013 to report current achievements in spider and arthropod evolution and development and to discuss future strategies.

Organizers: Alistair McGregor, Evelyn Schwager, Niko Prpic-Schäper

Plenary presentations: Hiroki Oda, Michael Akam

Session speakers: Yasuko Akiyama-Oda, Jonathan Coddington, Wim Damen, Cassandra Extavour, Franziska Anni Franke, Maarten Hilbrant, Beate Mittmann, Matthias Pechmann, Siegfried Roth, Evelyn Schwager, Prashant Sharma, Angelika Stollewerk

Saturday: Genomics and transcriptomics
Chaired by Cassandra Extavour
With contributions by Montserrat Oliva-Torres and Nico Posnien

Sunday: Tools and methods
Chaired by Alistair McGregor.
With contributions by Matthias Pechmann

Full program of the meeting
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List of all participants
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Photos and other material of the event
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James Watkins - Oxford Brookes on-site planning, booking and organization
Laura Jacobs - reception and assistance
Aphrodita Baldrey - Oxford Brookes departmental Web site administration

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